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A Transformative Method to Uncover Innate Leadership

Breuss Consulting leadership development programmes start at the foundation, the Inside-Out Principles, and lead towards AWARENESS. As a top leadership development program, the outcome is reflected on natural, sustainable and effective results.

Breuss iLearn

Breuss iLearn is not just e-learning and ‘one-offs.’ It is the next stage in your company’s evolution, through the growth of the individual, the team and ultimately, the organisation.

Combined with traditional on-site coaching and facilitation, we offer a blended approach using state of the art technology in the form of videos, audios, webinars, live streaming and video conferencing. Enhancing and offering support for coaching, facilitation and virtual development, but also provides the solution towards self-development and growth.

Through collaboration from the best coaches and facilitators currently working with organisations, groups, teams and individuals, Breuss Corporate e-Academy partners with these experts across the globe to deliver the highest quality, virtual, learning platform to your doorstep.

Automatic Learning Curve

There’s nothing to remember or apply and the source of action comes from within making it easy and continual. We give you less to do, maximising your leadership potentials permanently, by:

  • using short bursts information
  • enhancing your own learning style
  • providing instruction as and when its relevant
  • fostering learning consistently and over time

Delivery Methods

Breuss Consulting provides you with flexible and self-paced courses you can watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
We offer leadership programmes using a blended, learning approach combining self-guided learning, live video streaming, webinars, instructor-led workshops and individual coaching.

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The Inside-Out Principles

In order to gain true success and live an authentic life, first we need to determine how well we are leading our life and what kind of shadow we are casting. Ask yourself these 3 questions in a work context:

  • Do I experience well-being and peace of mind regularly?
  • Do I create and direct my life in a positive way?
  • Do I connect and engage in healthy relationships?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of the above questions, then the assumption is your professional life is currently guided by a misunderstanding and the implications of the misunderstanding are endless. Understanding the Inside-Out Principles to human nature we become more aware, and awareness is the foundation towards leading a clear, effective and connected life. By understanding, we begin to experience naturally and more often:

  • Clarity, Peace of Mind, Well-being
  • Authenticity
  • Presence and ‘Real’ Listening
  • Resilience
  • Direction
  • Creativity
  • Intuition and Wisdom
  • Connection

So when we uncover the misunderstanding that stands in the way, we see our leadership qualities and more impactful results unfold.


Personal Effectiveness

Do you sometime feel stressed and doubtful you will be able to meet your deadline? Ask yourself:

  • Why you never seem to get through what you planned for the day?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of email in your inbox?
  • Wonder how you are going to survive your workweek?
  • Think that your to-do list is more long than realistic?
  • Feel stressed due to ineffective meetings or the sheer number of meetings?

Then this is for you.

Introducing the tried and tested 2 day programme for creating extraordinary results, great working habits and taking charge of your life.

Time Frame

The Shadow You Cast

The ability to connect with others is crucial to being an impactful leader. We all cast a shadow and it is asking the question:

What kind of shadow do I cast?

In this programme we explore communication focusing on our innate abilities to connect when we are present. Introduced is a 5-step pyramid that is a natural progression when we see it from the Inside-Out. Understanding the fundamentals of our natural ability to communicate and the differences in human behaviours influences how well we handle complex situations. Through our coaching approach towards leadership we connect with others by creating the space for insights to occur within them producing powerful results.

Time Frame

We don’t train leaders; we coach, mentor, support and develop them from the Inside-Out.

Training attempts to standardise using systems, processes and techniques as the right way to do things and gives people more to do that usually doesn’t fit their needs. It is often rote, one dimensional, authoritarian and outdated.

Inside-Out development focuses on people maximising potential to produce transformational results. It is contextual, collaborative, fluid and actionable. Inside-Out development is the catalyst for innovation, effectiveness and connection moving people beyond their comfort zone to create higher performance.

Inside-Out development is natural, sustainable and generative. It is infinite.

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